Get Netflix USA on Apple TV in Australia

A lot of people in Australia use Apple TV to access Netflix. Seems like you’re one of them if you’ve made it to this page.

So here’s a guide on how you can set-up your Apple TV to access Netflix USA instead of the Aussie version.

1. Create an account with Unblock-Us

3. Set the Apple TV up so that it appears as if it’s in the USA! Turn your Apple TV on and head to settings then general settings then network settings.  Click on your connection type and then Configure DNS then manual settings.  Input the following DNS servers:

  • Preferred DNS –
  • Alternate DNS –

4. Click done.  Restart the device.

5. If you would like to have a US Channel app like Netflix or Hulu, change your iTunes Store location setting by navigating to settings and scrolling down to iTunes Store and selecting your location as United States.

Additional Steps:

  1. Reboot Apple TV.
  2. Using your computer, go to
  3. Login to your account.
  4. The Unblock-Us website will now check your status to see if everything is ready by checking your account and if your DNS is setup correctly.
  5. If your internet address has changed, a dialog box will tell you.  Click on the ‘click here to activate your new internet address’ to help our service identify who you are.  Additionally, the dialog box will also inform you of any unpaid invoice or account termination.
  6. It is important to do the additional steps because if you don’t, it may mean failure to access Unblock-Us service.

Have fun accessing the Americna version of Netflix on your Apple TV. Ba-zooooom.

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